Monday, 2 May 2011

Uncaged Monkeys

Matt Parker, Robin Ince and Giles Wakely with their paper selves!

I added Giles Wakely and Steve Jones, finally the set is complete!

Simon Singh gets a hair cut!

Thats it I'm done.. added Dean Burnett

Added Adam Rutherford and Matt Parker
I think it is complete..

Added Helen Arney and Helen Keen.. There is not much more space.. this may be the largest set of paper people ever..

Added Alan Moore and Richard Wiseman..

I have added Dara O Briain.

I have added Chris Addison.. Who else is there?

I have added Ben Goldacre and Simon Singh, to make some uncaged monkeys


  1. Adam Rutherford, Ben Goldacre

  2. Not a big enough head on Dara. Remember according to the Irish Press, his head is MUCH bigger than normal.

  3. Matt Parker!