Friday, 27 May 2011

Edinburgh Festival!

I am going to post all the people I plan to see in the Fringe
Also some I have already posted
Karaoke Circus
Russell Kane
Isy Suttie

The Behemoth

Gareth Richards

Pete Firman

Matt Green

Matthew Crosby

Tiernan Douieb and Tim Fitzhigham

Late Night Gimp Fight

Andy Zaltzman

Frisky and Mannish

Chris Mayo

Tim Key

Josh Widdicombe

Jason Cook

Axis of Awesome

David O'Doherty

Chris Ramsey

I am sure I saw somewhere that Mark Watson was doing some shows in the Fringe, I may be wrong.

Josie Long

Alex Horne

AAA Comedy
Pat Burtscher, Simon Feilder and Joe Rowntree

1 comment:

  1. 1. You have been super busy and...
    2. How do you have time and money to see all those acts? and...
    3. I think the acts should put sally on their guest list and/or take her for drinks...